The Harris Poll reports that the “latest happiness index reveals American happiness is at an all time low.” Do you find yourself wishing you could feel happier than you are right now? We have very good news for you today! In today’s episode, we help you understand why happiness is an INSIDE job and we cover 5 tips to help open up your wellspring of inner happiness.

The biggest mistake we make is to believe that the next “new” thing is going to finally bring us happiness…the next relationship, the new car, the new house, the new outfit…but alas once you’re in that new relationship you’re finding the same old unhappiness weighing you down. We’re here to help you tap into your happy place and dump the overwhelm, it all starts with 1 thought, and it just so happens to be #1 on our list of 5 tips.

In this show we each share our personal journey’s to inner happiness, there were a few tears and loads of laughter.


Sending you love this day!

Tiff & Jack