Podcast Episode 003 – (7 Easy) Rules of Passion

Passion can feel big and scary and you may wonder if you’ll ever feel it again.

Fear not, there’s hope!

In today’s podcast, Tiff and I share the 7 very easy “rules” of creating a solid passionate foundation. When we talk about this there is nothing holding us back…full disclosure, because we know that our experiences are great teaching tools for what not to do. (For instance, be sure to listen for the silverware story which happened to be our first “fight” after being newly married last week.)

Here’s a quick overview of the 7 Rules:

  1. Look & Listen
  2. Touch Me Please
  3. Do What You Love
  4. Ask
  5. Kiss Me Deep
  6. Stop the Bullshit
  7. Just Say It

You’ll want to listen to the whole show to hear each rule explained in depth. We love letting you into the inner sanctum of our lives. Sometimes life can get messy! And we’re not afraid to share.



Tiff & Jack