040 – Peace Not Pain

040 – Peace Not Pain

Life is filled with many experiences each day. Every experience moving us closer to peace or closer to pain. It’s inevitable that we will have a bit of both. There are a few things we can do that brings more peace into our lives. Today we share 7 different... read more

007 – What You Want, Wants You

Do you believe that what you want matters, and that you can have it? Have you possibly resigned yourself to a life of taking the leftovers after everyone else is done? We’ve got great news for you today, in fact we have 9 questions for you to ask yourself, and... read more

005 – Cheese with that Whine??

Today’s episode was recorded after a busy and enjoyable Sunday spent preparing food and the house to have all of our kids that live nearby over for family dinner. We were missing them as we hadn’t had a family dinner in about a month, which is a long time!... read more

004 – Balance is a State of Mind

Balance is a state of mind! Life is continually changing. Unexpected surprises are always popping up. So how are we supposed to find balance in this ever-changing life experience when it can oftentimes feel like we’re in a blender on puree? Balance has been... read more

003 – Rules of Passion

Podcast Episode 003 – (7 Easy) Rules of Passion Passion can feel big and scary and you may wonder if you’ll ever feel it again. Fear not, there’s hope! In today’s podcast, Tiff and I share the 7 very easy “rules” of creating a solid... read more