023 – 4 Proven Shortcuts To 10X Your Happiness

023 – 4 Proven Shortcuts To 10X Your Happiness

What does beer, red-tailed hawks, Mercury retrograde, and neuroscientists have in common? We’re not sure either but in today’s episode we talk about all of these things and more. There are 4 proven shortcuts to your “happy place.” Did you know that 4 hugs a day for 4 weeks will make you feel so much happier? And that one of the most important decisions you can ever make is who you hang out with?? So much to talk about today. Join us and then go hug someone.

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015 – A Week in the Life of Tiff & Jack (Reality Podcast)

015 – A Week in the Life of Tiff & Jack (Reality Podcast)

Welcome to reality-podcasting! This week has been a WILD ride filled with many things including a wedding, a house filled with concrete dust, and a visit to the cardiologist. Using the Law of Attraction to our benefit saved our bacon!!! Life is an adventure and we’re here keeping it real so you can know you’re not alone and no matter how wild life gets, the Universe does indeed have your back. 

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011 – RELIEF IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS (The Secret to Making the Law of Attraction Work for You)

011 – RELIEF IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS (The Secret to Making the Law of Attraction Work for You)

No matter what’s happening in your life at this moment, finding relief is the very first step to every other good thing you desire. Today’s episode will give you the steps to finding RELIEF IN :30 OR LESS and why that’s critical to you manifesting what you want and allowing the Universe to assist you at the hugest levels. Enjoy!


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002 – You’re Here to Win

002 – You’re Here to Win

What does “winning” even mean. When we say you’re here to win, we mean that you are here to experience every nuance of a joyful life. Every single bit of information you’ve gleaned from your life up to this point gives you a new level of clarity to help you choose even better what you want more or less of. Yes, some of those experiences feel extremely rough and you wonder how in the hell you’ll ever make it through.

We’re here to help you not give up on your dreams, and remind you that they’re coming.

In today’s podcast we share some very personal experiences and how they’re currently impacting our lives in the here-and-now. 

I talk about my 215 mile bicycle ride and that when I got to mile 185 I felt like it could very well be the death of me, and Tiff shares her story of living in the grip of serious depression for 8 long years and how living that extreme experience is now giving her more joy and happiness than she ever knew was possible.

This episode will give you a “fly on the wall” of our lives and get the insider view of our day-to-day lives.

Our podcast is devoted to help you dump the overwhelm and live the happy, and remind you that what you want wants you, the Universe has your back implicitly, you’re not alone, and last but definitely not least, life is meant to be delicious, so delicious that everyday can feel like a holiday.

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001 – Change Your Mind Already

001 – Change Your Mind Already

In today’s podcast, yes, the epic ground-breaking 1st episode, we cover 5 steps to help you feel better about your life, plus a bunch of other shenanigans sure to bring a smile to your face. 

You’re here to live YOUR life YOUR way. If you’re not living life on your own terms, oftentimes you’re living it on someone else’s. 

The 5 steps to help you create the life you want:

  1. Know that you’re on this earth to thrive.
  2. Get clear on what kind of life you want enjoy. 
  3. Study and understand the Law of Attraction.
  4. Pick one new thing that you want to incorporate into your life and practice it until it feels natural.
  5. Be yourself no matter what other’s think or say.



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