040 – Peace Not Pain

Life is filled with many experiences each day. Every experience moving us closer to peace or closer to pain. It’s inevitable that we will have a bit of both. There are a few things we can do that brings more peace into our lives. Today we share 7 different... read more

033 – Stuff the Turkey, Not Your Emotions

When you hear the word “emotions,” do you think of anger? Someone with a bright red face, screaming at you and blood vessels popping? Fear, anger, and disgust, are just a few of the emotions we can feel. How about you, do you try to quickly stuff it away... read more

031 – You’re the Boss!

This episode makes it incredibly clear why you are the boss! We give you real-life examples of people using their thoughts to create their reality and how to do it yourself. It’s easy once you understand how your conscious and unconscious mind work together to... read more

025 – A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

Tiff shares about being a psychic/medium and living deep in the world of “woo woo.” Have you ever wondered what your deceased loved ones would tell you if you could talk to them? In today’s podcast episode not only does Tiff share about being a... read more

022 – Parenting Doesn’t Have to Suck

Tiff & Jack come at parenting from every angle in this episode: parenting young children parenting teens, parenting adult children, blended families, divorce, and empowering your kids every step of the way. And be sure to catch our insider tips on using the Law of... read more